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StitchersCast - A Fan Podcast about the Stitchers TV Show

Jul 25, 2015

Episode 10 of StitchersCast


Cast Review

Niousha Jafarian...Dr. Anna Barmal

Ross Kurt Le...Alex

Sola Bamis...Ayo

Allison Scagliotti...Camille Engelson

- Warehouse 13!?


Ratings Update


Listener Voicemail


Stitchers at the D23 Expo

SATURDAY, AUGUST 15 12:00 – 12:50pm

“Stitchers” stars Emma Ishta, Kyle Harris,...

Jul 18, 2015

StitchersCast - Episode 9

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Hack the Case - Update

  • Multiple Cases Coming Soon
  • Faster & More Stable Downloads 
  • Enhanced Quality Of 360 Video & Audio
  • Compatibility Fixes for iOS7 & iOS8

Stitchers Renewed


Cast Review

Jul 11, 2015

Email Feedback

- Comparison to NBC Chuck

Ratings Update

Some possible reasons for the summer ratings!?

Episode Recap

- Season 1 - Episode 6

Show Notes :

Jul 2, 2015

Stitchers Fatal Flaw?

- One blog author thinks Stitchers may have a fatal flaw.  What do you think?

Ratings Updates

- We check in to see how this weeks episode did.

Season 1 : Episode 5 Recap

- We go through this weeks episode and look at some of the hints and plot twists!

These show notes and more can be found...